Monday, November 29, 2010

Free Diabetes Supplies - Stop Letting The Pharmacies Bleed Your Pockets To Death

Having Diabetes is a very uncomfortable situation. Every day there you have to constantly monitor your blood sugar, not eat the food that you like, and prick yourself all the time to collect blood for the test strips. Nowadays Diabetes isn't as dangerous as it once was, but it sure is still a pain in the butt.
Even with all the medical advancements life is still difficult because of all the payments you have to make for all of it. Insurance usually covers a lot of it, but not everyone knows how much is covered. Plus most of the time the insurance companies will give you cheap versions that don't measure you blood glucose accurately. IF you don't measure it accurately how can you be secure with how you are living? You need to be exactly sure of everything or you could find yourself feeling tired or cranky at a time when you need to get things done. Plus there's more.
When dealing with diabetes your life can be very tiring. Everything seems to be so expensive these days, especially at the pharmacies. The pharmacies always are trying to find ways to take your money from you.
Did you ever notice how these "pharmacies" are more like little shopping markets nowadays? That's because their sole focus is to get you in there to get something you need, and then while you are in there getting your medicine they try to sell you something else. It's a billion dollar business, but you shouldn't be feeding your hard-earned money into their greedy pockets. Don't pay any more!
If you are paying for things like test strips for an old glucometer then you are wasting your money. You need to be using the right kind of accurate glucometer that has free test strips that are covered by your insurance. Unfortunately not everyone knows where to get these free diabetes supplies. That's has changed.
Now you can get free diabetes supplies from your insurance. That includes getting free test strips and a glucometer, directly from your insurance companies. This is a godsend for people suffering from diabetes because no one wants to worry about paying for a glucometer when you have your own health to worry about.

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