Monday, November 29, 2010

Type 2 Diabetes - Can You Ever Eliminate Your Diabetes?

If you really don't like to read articles, you can stop here: No, your Type 2 diabetes will be with you for life! It will always be a specter in the background, haunting you when you're thinking about eating something sweet and savory. It will still be with you, as you count your carbs and occasionally check your blood sugar level to make sure you are doing all right. However, this is not a gloom and doom, "woe is you" article. While it's perfectly acceptable to show sympathy to a victim, you are not a victim. In fact, since Type 2 diabetes is one of the most conquerable ailments in the modern world, you have every right and responsibility to be the victor in this particular battle.
Thank goodness for insulin: For one thing, diabetes is nowhere near the death sentence it used to be. Ever since they came up with synthetic insulin that can be used in humans, people with diabetes have had a fighting chance. Of course, insulin is not a cure, and it is not an excuse to completely ignore your health as a whole. If you do that, you will pretty much live a short and miserable life due to essentially giving yourself absolutely poor health. But then, that isn't going to happen... if you were the kind of person who couldn't care less about your health, you probably wouldn't be reading this articles in the first place.
Monitoring your blood sugar levels: What you can do is monitor your blood sugar (also known as blood glucose) levels. If they get too low, you could be in for some discomfort and even cell damage if you don't get them back up. But that is usually as easy as eating a piece of fruit or a candy bar... not that big of a deal in a world as abundant as ours is. The same is true if your blood sugar levels should happen to get too high. That isn't necessarily a big deal in the short term, but you would be wise not to make a habit out of it. If you're reading high most of the time, you need to make a few changes, lest your most delicate tissues (such as your corneas, heart and brain) could suffer permanent damage. People lose limbs because of things like that.
Reversing Type 2 diabetes: While the answer to "can you eliminate diabetes" is a no, it is also not a "no, and you might as well write out your will soon because you're not likely to see another birthday". People can live long and healthy lives in spite of their Type 2 diabetes. In some cases, having this ailment can be just the impetus a person needs, in order to take control of their life and their overall health.

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