Monday, November 29, 2010

How to Lower Blood Sugar Naturally - Useful Tips

Maintaining a low blood sugar should be the goal of everyone who is conscious about the general health of the body. High blood sugar levels are known to cause diabetes which brings about other complications that may well include nerve diseases, eye diseases and kidney diseases which can be fatal. Actually, diabetes causes hundreds of deaths since it is incurable hence the need to take care of one's health.
Spreading meals: One of the things one can do to naturally keep blood sugar in low levels is spreading meals through the day and keeping consistency in carbohydrate intake. This is good instead of skipping meals which in turn will cause you to eat a large meal. It gives the body time to regulate levels of sugars in the blood hence keeping them even.
Resistant starch food intake: Beans and potatoes are rich in resistant starch which is essential. The starch is metabolized by good body bacteria thereby serving as dietary fiber for the large intestines since it bypasses small intestines. This keeps blood sugar low even when taking the next meal.
Beans intake: If you are looking to naturally lower your blood sugar, it is important to increase your bean intake since they digest at a slow pace hence causes a small blood glucose rise. This helps in controlling diabetes. Beans are also known to reduce cardiovascular disease risks since they are rich in foliate.
Enough Sleep: Sleep is another natural way of lowering blood sugar keeping diabetes risks at bay. Limited or poor sleep affects important body chemistry and the control of sugar in the blood is linked to more shut eyes which can only be achieved when sleeping. Lack of enough sleep can also cause other medical conditions and should therefore be a priority for healthy lives.
Weight management: Extra weight hinders the hormone responsible in lowering blood sugar from performing effectively hence risking diseases. This is because of insulin resistance caused by the excess fats. There is a need therefore to lose those extra pounds and maintaining a healthy body mass. This can be done by eating balanced diet and exercising regularly.
Stress management: Stress causes the body to store lots of energy in form of fats and glucose and a piling up of these can cause very high levels of blood sugar. It helps a great deal to manage stress through meditation or even yoga in order to lower the risky levels of blood sugar. This is especially important for those suffering from diabetes.
You don't have to take medications to keep blood sugar levels low as these simple natural tips can take care of you more than you think they can. Before exposing one to medications and drugs that may have side effects, it is always good to look on how one can manage a problem using more natural means. When these fail, one can go ahead and have the intervention of a medical practitioner to have the right prescription to reduce suffering or even worse.

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